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Research Community Railway History -
Study Group on Locomotive History

The "Study Group on Locomotive History" (Arbeitskreis Lokomotivgeschichte) in the "Research Community Railway History" is a union of railway friends, which are devoted to scientific research on locomotive history. It is the aim of the study group to gain new knowledge and make this knowledge available to the members. This target shall be reached by intensive communication and discussions as well as with the common development of sources. Specific topics shall be dealt with by working groups and the results shall be published on this webside.

The "Study Group on Locomotive History" is a community of members being interested in locomotive history which are spread over several european  countries. The Working Group is no club (so we don't have a membership fee) - nevertheless some rules have been decided by the "Study Group on Locomotive History", which determine the cooperation and the membership. The work of the working group is supported by the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Eisenbahngeschichte" (DGEG).

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